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Laurie with Dylan & Luke

Meet Laurie

What began as a bedtime story, The Lambdoodle Cafe became a salve for Laurie's family, especially in times of distress when the world was too unwelcoming for comfort. Next to her favorite job as mom, her greatest passion is to bring awareness, creativity, giggles and hugs to exceptional individuals and their families. Laurie brings her combined experience at the Spaulding Youth Center for Autistic individuals, five years as an early education teacher and more than 20 years as a publishing/marketing executive to create ground breaking solutions for adults with developmental disabilities through the non-profit organization she co-founded,

The Extended Family


Storytelling has been the centerpiece of Laurie’s family for years; they’re delighted to share their homespun stories with many readers of all ages.

Meet Tatiana

Tatiana Minina is a Massachusetts based visual artist and illustrator. She studied art in Vladikavkaz, Russia. Her full time artistic career began in 2010 after she relocated to the United States.Tatiana works in watercolor, acrylic, oil, ink, pencil and digital media. She specializes in illustrating children's books.