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Luke and Dylan have a

special way of connecting.


Whether it's a look across the room

or a late-night giggle session,

sometimes the best words come

from the heart.

For these two brothers,

no words are ever needed.

Their imaginations help to create

the world as they wish it could be.


But Dylan wants to know:

Since Luke doesn't use words to talk,

how would he describe what's on the menu?

Luckily Luke and Dylan are not alone.

Beloved Pa always appears to create solutions when they're unsure how to embrace each other's differences.


Welcome to The Lambdoodle Cafe

where everyone is celebrated for their

special qualities and talents.

"Fantastic and Important: Beautifully illustrated, heartwarming narration. Would recommend to any parent looking for a positive story for their children about the importance of imagination and embracing the beautiful mosaic of human experience." - Bradley A

"An Exceptional Story: This charming book is more than a comfy bedtime story. It graciously addresses some difficult issues that face some young people with disabilities and their siblings. The author approaches these difficulties with humor, imagination, kindness and most importantly, love. The final result is a hopeful, optimistic outlook where love, hope and intelligence trump problems that might seem insurmountable. I look forward to the next problem solving adventure in the series. I wonder where the author will take us?" - verified Amazon purchase

"It was so refreshing to read a wonderful children's story about differences and acceptance to my 8 year old twins. They read it quickly and many times over. In fact it became a positive family discussion how children can be beautifully different and how everybody is special. We cant wait for the next one." - verified Amazon purchase

"If you want to be a better person, read this book. The love and devotion that this author/Mother feels for her 2 boys leaps off each page. Luke & Dylan may live in a “world where it’s not so easy to belong” — but after reading LAMBDOODLE CAFE, we wish we lived right alongside them. With Pa as our guide. Bravo, Laurie Cameron. Can’t wait to read the rest of the empowering series. We could all use a gracious heart, especially these days." -Barbara C

"As a twin, I was so very fortunate from my early days to have a unique way of communicating with my sister. In this uplifting & heartfelt see that “Luke and Dylan always had a special way of communicating” too. As the wonderful author writes...”Sometimes the best words come from the heart”. Do yourself a favor and read how these two unique brothers use their imaginations to help create the world as they wish it could be. As we ALL wish it could be...especially during this unique time in the world. You and whoever is lucky to read it with you...will be very happy you did." ❤️  -Susan P

"This small book beautifully captures the devotion between young siblings. It is a lovely story about the importance of laughter, love, and imagination. I look forward to the next book in the series." -Caroline F