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The Lambdoodle Cafe

where everyone is celebrated for their special qualities and accepted for who they are.

Explore the first three books in this series of

empowering tales where you'll meet new friends who discover the power of belonging in a world

where it isn't so easy to belong.

"Only the soul that ventilates the world with tenderness has any chance of changing the world."  -Father Greg Boyle

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I"A Portal Into a Magical World: The only thing more wondrous than the title is the story itself: a promise of grand adventure, and an embrace of those who, until now, have been rendered afterthoughts in life and the written word. "The Lambdoodle Cafe" is but an appetizer to what will surely be a staple of bedroom bookcases everywhere. It opens a portal into familial dreams captured by enchanted illustrations. But it also caresses that most universal dream: to be seen, to be heard, to be loved. "The Lambdoodle Cafe" is a charming, heartfelt tonic for our times, a siren's call to ask the question that this book dares to shout: What's so funny about peace, love and understanding?'"   - verified Amazon purchase

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Giggle Soup at The Lambdoodle Cafe

* The Magic Cupboard at The Lambdoodle Cafe

* The Exceptionals at The Lambdoodle Cafe